Morpheus GraphQL

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Serverless Example

If you are interested in creating a Morpheus GraphQL API with Serverless, you should take a look at our example in this repository: Mythology API it is our example project build with Morpheus GraphQL and Serverless-Haskell, where you can query different mythology characters with GraphiQL.

Mythology API is deployed on : where you can test it with GraphiQL

Mythology Api


Below are the list of projects using Morpheus GraphQL. If you want to start using Morpheus GraphQL, they are good templates to begin with.

  • mythology-api: Serverless Mythology API
  • web-haskell: Modern webserver boilerplate in Haskell: Morpheus Graphql + Postgresql + Authentication + DB migration + Dotenv and more

Edit this section and send PR if you want to share your project.